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Natural Gas Ventures

Natural Gas Ventures is a new company presently being formed for the purpose of acquiring natural gas assets for use as a fuel in a related company's CHP systems, Diesel to LNG, Gas to Power and Liquefied Natural Gas operations.

As natural gas is now in abundant supply with prices expected to remain relatively flat over the next 10 - 20 years, our business model is designed to maximize and exploit this new paradigm.  We will accomplish this by "upgrading" our natural gas into power (electricity) plus thermal energy - which can be any or all of the following;  hot water, steam and/or chilled water for air-conditioning - through our related company's cogeneration or trigeneration energy systems. We will be a preferred "private utility" for our commercial and industrial clients, providing them power and energy at prices less than what they are paying now in nearly all cases. 

We are uniquely positioned for long term success via multiple core competencies and our "durable competitive advantage."  One of these includes the fact that there will be an ever-greater demand for onsite cogeneration and CHP system as a result of the EPA's requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.

What is Diesel to LNG?

Diesel to LNG is a type of "fuel switching" wherein one fuel is replaced with another, typically for economic reasons (savings) or for emissions abatement or a combination of these. 

Thousands of Class 8 tractors and fleets have made the switch from diesel to LNG over the past several years. The owners/operators of these vehicles are saving approximately $1.50/gallon (or more) with LNG and in addition, their engines run much cleaner and can double the frequency of oil changes due to LNG (natural gas) being a clean fuel.


Natural Gas Ventures

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Natural Gas Ventures

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